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Techies4TempleStreet Blog (1)

Effective Software at Techies4TempleStreet 2018

This years Techies4TempleStreet was a resounding success, with thousands of euro being raised in aid of Temple Street Children's Hospital in Dublin.

Effective Software were proud to take part in the 2018 event, our second year entering teams. We were delighted to raise over €2,000 from all of our kind friends and associates who we annoyed for weeks (all for a good cause!). A sincere thank you to everyone who donated so generously.


While fundraising was of course our main goal, a bitter rivalry quickly developed between our 2 teams, the Sassy Swans and Viking Metal. This came to head on the day of the event with both teams competing to see who could complete the treasure hunt across Dublin city first.


Below are some of our adventures from the day: 



 20180706_133726 (1) (1)

     Learning the Haka at the Aviva stadium before the teams head out (sort-of!)




 A Swan expertly blends in with his surroundings.



 Techies Resized

The Vikings reach the diving bell first...




  ...And plunder a local inn in celebration.




 But the Swans swoop in!



 Techies Resized (2)

 And are tricked into joining the Vikings...



 Uncanny Similarities (1)

 Which one is the statue? It's impossible to tell!



In the end, it doesn't matter who won between  Swans and Vikings (it was the Swans).  Funds were raised for an excellent cause and a good time was had by all.


Again, we want to thank all of the lovely people who donated to us during the run-up to the event.  We are already looking forward to 2019, and we're sure you'll be just as generous next time!