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    The Journey to Safety: Moving the Needle from Cost Centre to Value Centre

    What drives the investment for safety? It is still clear that a large percentage of companies out there see health and safety software as a cost-centre, spending the minimum amount to maintain satisfactory, sometimes less than satisfactory compliance. This removes the ability to really strive...

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    Why Your Organisation Should Focus On Health & Safety

    While all businesses have a legal duty of care to their employees, our infographic will show the reasons why developing a health & safety culture can be beneficial to an organisation. 

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    Safety Technology – The Need For Joined Up Thinking

    Effective Software was recently invited to attend a round table discussion between software providers, health and safety managers from leading organisations and other experts, to consider how the use of technology to manage workplace health and safety is changing. Current trends were...

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    Who Is Involved In A Safety Software Project?

    To ensure that a health and safety software project goes smoothly, there needs to be complete cohesion between all parties involved in the project. This is something Effective Software has dealt with many times in the past. With our experience in mind, we put together an infographic into the...

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    What Does Foresight Have To Do With The Sentencing Guidelines?

    So you’re organisation has been charged with a health and safety offence. What are your best defence methods if the incident or it’s outcome could not have been foreseen? We will delve into two examples of two organisations that have been brought to court for different offences.

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    7 Things Every CEO Needs to Know About the Latest Health & Safety Offences Sentencing Guidelines

    We have identified the seven most important things every CEO needs to know about the new guidelines to aid the prevention of damaging corporate reputation, legal fines and increased insurance premiums.

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