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Webinar | 3 Pains of Fire Safety Management

We were delighted to host our “3 Pains of Fire Safety Management” webinar on Friday the 3rd of November. The webinar lasted approximately 30 minutes and was presented by a number of H&S professionals who work in the field of fire safety and some of our product experts.

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Appealing Appeals - More H&S Fines Slashed In Courts

Since February 2016 we have seen headlines with eye-popping fines for larger organisations.  Before February 2016 fines over £100,000 were unusual in health and safety breaches where no one had died; since then, there have been many fines over £1 million, not just for incidents resulting in...

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Top 5 Nightmare Health and Safety Scenarios

As Halloween is just around the corner, we thought we would compile some of the worst nightmare health and safety scenarios in this industry. We've all been there, well maybe just health and safety professionals - you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat after dreaming about the...

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Legal Impact of Training Mismanagement

The ability to implement an effective training management system can be stressful. For most organisations, the strive for employee training compliance can involve heavy paperwork and endless administrative time. These stressful activities can lead to errors and these errors can be costly more...

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Takeaways From The H&S In A Changing Legal Landscape Conference


Effective Software were delighted and honoured to host The Health and Safety In A Changing Legal Landscape Conference in the Hilton, Birmingham. These events are created to provide an opportunity to sit down with peers of health & safety and talk through any new advancements or changes in...

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Effective's New Madrid Office!

Effective Software are delighted to announce the unveiling of our new office in the heart of Madrid. 2017 has been a big year for Effective, with Effective Software rapidly growing in new and existing markets across the globe. Our team is getting bigger and more international with our latest new...

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Managing Pregnancy Risks In The Workplace

Following the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report last year that suggested that one in twenty-five mothers left the workforce because risks to their health or to the health of their child were not managed, the HSE were urged to improve their guidance to employers on assessing...

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New Procedures For Challenging Fees For Intervention (FFI)

In the past, when an HSE inspector visited a workplace, advice and encouragement could be given.  Where the inspector found flagrant disregard for safety, action would be taken, but in many cases the inspector would suggest sources of information and approaches to take to improve safety.  But...

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Webinar | How Is Mobile Technology Transforming Health & Safety?

 Even though health and safety as a function is still at a relatively early phase of adoption when it comes to technology, the use of mobile devices and software is commonplace amongst forward thinking companies.

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In-Vehicle Technology - What Does It Mean For Health & Safety?

Vehicle manufacturers are investing billions of pounds in new technology, and there are predictions that by 2020 autonomous vehicles will be a common sight on the road. In the meantime, many of the features needed for full autonomy are already available.  From the perspective of managing the...

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Six Principles For Managing Contractors

The management of contractors is no easy task. Outsourcing work will always reduce the amount of control held over the production or services provided. While contracts and agreements can be set in place prior to work commencing, clients cannot have complete assurance that their requirements are...

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Using AR And VR Technology In Health & Safety

Now, at last, health and safety could leap frog other departments in the innovative use of technology. At the recent Safety and Health Expo in London two pairs of letters kept being repeated: VR and AR.

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