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Protection Vessels International opt for health And safety software

PVI is now using the Effective software system to help manage this vital area of their company, and therefore contributing to the overall success of their business.


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MSD Group - newest Effective Clients

MSD has chosen to use the entire health and safety management system from Effective Software, focusing on its use in areas such as Risk Management, Incident Reporting and Audit and Inspection.

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Effective Introducing Paperless Auditing

Clipboards, storage boxes, spreadsheets and database backups are set to become a thing of the past: we are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of Report on Site, a powerful reporting, inspection and auditing solution that streamlines data collection.

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The User Experience – Arkil

To give readers an idea of what using Effective Software is like, we’ve decided to approach our customers for their feedback and insight. This week, Paddy Peters, Environmental Manager of Arkil, shares his experience.


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Cala Homes choose Effective for managing training needs

CALA are managing all on-going training needs through the Effective Software Training Management module.

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New Chemical Regulations

Ensure you're up to date with new chemical classification regulations.

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Boston Scientific now using Effective Software

The Boston Scientific Group picks Effective Software to manage health and safety needs.

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BG Group chooses Effective Software

BG, world leader in natural gas are newest Effective clients.

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