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Our Support System- Blog (1)

Our Support System: The tools to your success

In this post, we'll walk you through exactly how the Customer Success team keeps in touch with our clients, and the  support features that are there to help.

Copy of CS Features (1)



Help Centre


The Effective Software Help Centre is a one-stop-shop for all client queries about our software. Through the Help Centre users can:

  • Access articles, user guides and webinars covering all aspects of the system.

  • Access training materials on how to use the system, so clients don't have to create their own training programme for getting staff setup on the platform.

  • Enjoy content that is updated regularly, in conjunction with feedback received from clients.


LIVE CHAT/ ticketing system


Live CS Chat


  •  Our live chat feature operates Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:30

  • As you input your query, you will see suggested Help Centre articles which may help you.

  • Your queries is immediately sent to the CS team who deal with it as soon as possible.

Raise a Ticket (1)



  • Tickets can be submitted at anytime, through live chat, Help Centre or via email.

  • You are guaranteed a first response within 4 hours (during business hours).

  • Users also have the option to  attach screenshots and videos to their tickets.

  • Issues are usually resolved within the first response.

customer success managers

Aisling and Matea Profile (2) (1)Some of our core CSMs at Effective

The CSMs are the backbone of the Customer Success team. Upon joining with Effective Software, each client is assigned a dedicated support manager. The CSM...

  • Assists the client with the onboarding process and any account issues they may have.

  • Schedules business reviews and sets quarterly goals for the client.

  • Engages in on-site training (depends on the service package).


CS Webinars Exa,mple (2) (1)

Our series of MasterClass webinars aim to answer common questions that clients have about using the software. They also provide clients with new ways to use their modules.


  • MasterClass webinars are held around every 6 weeks.

  • Clients are invited by the CS and Marketing teams to join the live webinar and submit questions before and during the broadcast.

  • Points covered in each webinar come directly from questions/ issues experienced by clients.

  • Webinars are also uploaded to the Help Centre, giving clients access even if they miss a broadcast.


Tip of the Week CS Blog (1)


  • These are short, step-by-step tips sent every Friday morning to Super Users and Admin users of the system.

  • Topics are always chosen the same week they are sent, to reflect what clients are talking about and what interests them.

  • They cover a range of subjects including modules, system features and more.

  • Also used to communicate new features that clients have requested.


CS at Work (1)CS team members with some of our clients at our recent Dublin and Birmingham customer events


We run several customer-centered events throughout the year, and always look forward to meeting our customers and hearing their feedback.

  • Regional events focusing on our customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

  • A chance for clients to meet CS staff face-to-face as well as network with each other.

  • Also an opportunity to run any system questions by the CS team.



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