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Meet our Award-Winning Customer Success Team

Meet some of the people who make our customers use of our software as trouble-free as possible.


It's been a non-stop year for the Effective Software Customer Success team.  From picking up awards, hosting a whirlwind of customer events and picking up some new team mates on the way, here's a selection of key CS achievements from 2018.



amazing awards


This year,  the Effective Software Customer Success team was awarded the 'Service Excellence' award for the 2nd year in a row by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF). It was the perfect ending to a great week meeting attendees and friends at 'The Health & Safety Event' at The NEC, Birmingham.


BSIF Awards Blog Image (2)

 Our Director of Customer Success Billy O'Brien and our Marketing Manager David Rowland received the award for the CS team.


It was a fantastic acknowledgment of the hard work, patience and dedication that our CS team is becoming well- known for. The whole company was incredibly proud of their achievement:

 "It was a great honour to receive for a second consecutive year the BSIF customer service award at the awards night. To be recognised by our customers for the outstanding work our customer success team do in ensuring all our customers are successful in using our software is something we as a company put a huge value in. Our team are always at hand to advise and help our customers and I am delighted to have received this award on their behalf"

                 Billy O'Brien, Director of Customer Success


 excellent events


Customer Success Events Recap (1)

  Our  Customer Workshops in  Birmingham, Manchester, London,  and Dublin.


2018 wasn't all glitzy award shows! There was also some excellent work done at out Customer Workshops held throughout the UK and Ireland.  We were also kindly hosted by Daikin UK in their training centres.

Members of the CS team visited Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, London and Dublin to discuss latest system releases and the product roadmap. Customers who attended also took the chance to network with other system users and learn how they are utilising our software to meet their specific demands.


There was a full-house at each of the events, and it proved to be great chance for CS to connect with our customers and focus in on what they needed from the software.



top TEAM


And here we have some of the lovely people who make all of this possible. See below for several of our core team members:

CS Profiles (Complete) (2)

 CS Profiles (Complete) (1) (1)


The Customer Success team plays a vital role in Effective Software. They are on hand to answer any question about the software that our customers have. Customers can contact CS through raising a ticket through our dedicated Help Centre.



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