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Driving Engagement In Health & Safety Conference

Effective Software is delighted to announce our upcoming customer events taking place in Dublin on 29th March  and Birmingham on 27th April. 

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Building a safe work environment is a challenge for any company. But, perhaps even more challenging, is the ability to maintain that safety over the long-term. In recent years, the ability to drive a workforce fully engaged in health and safety, has been a proven solution to this long-term challenge.

But, how does the modern-day health and safety professional achieve this? How can you transform the mind-set of a typical “disengaged” employee, that does not report hazards or near misses, checks out during safety briefings and often breaks rules to take advantage of shortcuts to positively engage in health and safety?

Effective Software is hosting a health and safety event featuring several expert speakers reviewing the impact of leadership and engagement on cultural safety and discussing how your safety management system can transform your organisations safety culture. After our successful events last year, we are looking forward to catching up with our customers and examining some of the health and safety issues they are facing.



*(Applies to both dates)

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