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Connected Processes

A connected health and safety system can make your worklife a lot easier. Read this blog to see what we mean...


In the past, we have looked at the benefits of moving from paper to software.  While digitisation is an important first step,  if you want the best out of your health and safety system it might be time to consider a connected processes model.


What do we mean by 'connected'?  A system which can take care of  all your  health and safety management needs. Where separate modules such as Risk and Incidents can 'talk' to eachother and share information.  A system which cuts down on admin time and allows employees to get on with their duties.


Here, we have created a list of benefits to using a connected health and safety system:



Connected Processes Ver. 3 (1)



the effective system


So -  we've seen the benefits of a connected Health and Safety system, but how does the Effective Software system of modules interact and share information?


 Connected Processes 1

Connected Processes 2

Connected Processes 3

Connected Processes 4


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