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Effective Software now working with Menzies Distribution

January 2019, Dublin: Effective Software is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Menzies Distribution to provide its world-class health and safety software.

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The 2019 Health & Safety Checklist

 Here 's your  checklist of  everything you need to know in the world of health and safety in 2019:


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Santa's 12 Hazards Of Christmas

With Santa's team getting ready for the big night ahead, we think it is important to take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe and non-hazardous journey. We thought we would help out Santa's Health & Safety team by putting together a list of the most hazardous situations that Santa will...

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Cheers!  - your guide to handling alcohol issues in the workplace

As it is the middle of the Christmas party season, we have gathered our top 6 tips on tackling the effects of alcohol on staff and workplaces.

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Understanding Gross Negligence Manslaughter (+ Webinar)

When someone dies at work we know it’s a tragedy, but unless we were watching a crime drama, we wouldn’t suspect it was murder, or even manslaughter.  Read on to see what risks your business may be taking...


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Silent Evacuations

You probably have been in several workplace fire drills, but have you ever taken part in a silent evacuation? This post will explain what they are and how they can benefit you: 

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WEBINAR: Driving Engagement in Health and Safety through Technology

 Want to learn how you can utilise technology to increase engagement in safety? Look no further than our latest webinar:

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Cuan - A New Message System for Effective Software

After several years enjoying a sustained growth in customer adoption, the product team came to the conclusion that we needed rethink our platform designs to serve best not only our current users, but future users joining us in our journey.

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Our CEO Darragh Geoghegan took part in a panel discussion at the 2018 IOSH Conference. See this blog post for the 4 top takeaways from his talk on the future of technology and safety.

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Skill Decay: How to keep employee training fresh

Businesses are now realising that employees require consistent training and re-training to perform their jobs safely.  Read this post to learn how you can avoid the risk of skill decay.

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Our Support System: The tools to your success

In this post, we'll walk you through exactly how the Customer Success team keeps in touch with our clients, and the  support features that are there to help.

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Connected Processes

A connected health and safety system can make your worklife a lot easier. Read this blog to see what we mean...

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